Egg Roll-Ups – Low Carb Wrap Recipe


Makes 2 wraps

These easy to make egg roll-ups are a delicious low carbohydrate version of a classic wrap sandwich but using egg sheets instead of the wrap bread. I found that the egg gave my wrap so much extra flavor that I actually preferred this to bread for taste as well as health reasons.

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet – free-range or pasture raised eggs that is because the hens that are fed their natural diet of grass are much healthier and therefore their eggs contain much more nutrients.

Eggs are both high in healthy proteins and fats. Many people believe that you can never eat enough eggs but based on current scientific evidence being supported by the mainstream – it is recommended to eat no more than 2 eggs per day or 6 eggs per week to avoid an increased risk of heart disease due to their supposably harmful high cholesterol content. I’m not going to comment here other than to point out that it is a fact that people with high cholesterol statistically live longer and that our bodies require it to function.

As well as protein and fats, eggs contain the following vitamins and minerals:

Selenium, folate, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iodine, vitamin E, iron, thiamine, zinc, vitamin D, calcium, biotin, lecithin, choline and lutein.

Eggs also contain phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin which act as antioxidants and are thought to help prevent eye disease.

These yummy egg wraps can be made with any sandwich filling but keep in mind they are quite delicate so will tear easily. Using soft fillings like salmon, ham or tuna or even scrambled tofu work well. If you are using salad or cheese, try to slice everything thinly.

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4 free range eggs

Lettuce, tomato and or other salad fillings

Meat of your choice or scrambled tofu

Aioli or vegan aioli (optional)

A little grated cheese for filling or dairy free cheese

A little salt

Butter, ghee, avocado oil or coconut oil for frying


  1. In a large frying pan or on a hot plate, heat the oil/butter on a medium to low heat.
  2. In a small bowl, crack 2 of the eggs and whisk together with a sprinkle of salt.
  3. When the pan is very hot, pour in the egg mixture slowly and try if you can to form a squarish shape.
  4. Cook this like you would a pancake until the egg is cooked but not getting too brown on the outside, 2 minutes on each side will probably be enough, depending on how hot your pan is.
  5. Once cooked on both sides, place the egg sheet on a plat and leave to cool while you cook the rest of the egg.
  6. You can now trim the edges of your egg sheet slightly to make it more square which will give you a more tidy looking wrap.
  7. Lay one out on a plate and first arrange some lettuce leaves, salad and then the rest of your filling on top of the egg, covering the whole egg sheet but leaving a couple of centimeters clean on the outer edge of the egg wrap. Then roll up your wrap with all of the filling as if you were rolling sushi. If you try to roll it just by wrapping up your filling like you would a normal wrap, the egg will probably break because it is soft and thin – see how in the picture of my wrap the egg rolls right through the middle of the wrap not just around the outside.
  8. Cut your wrap in half with a sharp knife if you wish and enjoy your tasty, low carb lunch wrap!

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