Best Home-Made Paleo / Grain-Free Cereal Recipe

Me holding baking dish with grain free granola.

Choosing to eat a low-carbohydrate breakfast cereal can become an expensive habit. This is why I was thrilled when I discovered how easy it is to make my paleo breakfast cereal myself… It was half the price and twice as delicious I swear!

This nourishing recipe is sweetened with dates which are an excellent source of B vitamins including B12 and I’ve added a little vanilla and honey for a subtle flavor. I’d suggest starting off following this and then you can always get experimental with different dried fruits and spices as you get more confident making this. The only problem is you may find yourself eating more cereal because it really is so delicious, at least I am haha. Cooking nuts and seeds is always a good idea as this will remove a lot of the anti-nutrients which can block your body from being able to absorb minerals from your meal.

Holistic cooking tip – in general when consuming seeds or nuts unless you are only having a tiny sprinkle you do need to soak them overnight or at least toast them to reduce the anti-nutrients.

To learn more about seeds and nuts, check out my Superfoods Bible.


300g raw almonds

75g raw walnuts

50g sesame seeds

50g pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup of coconut flakes

1 tablespoon of honey

1/3 cup of coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1/2 cup of pitted dates

1/4 cup of coconut flour

1 pinch of sea salt

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  1. Preheat your oven to 160° or 320° Fahrenheit. Then in a small pot, melt the coconut oil and stir in the honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. Remove from the heat.
  2. Coarsely chop the raw almonds and walnuts (I chopped each nut about 3 times to get the right size) and place in a large bowl with the seeds. Then chop up the dates into thin strips or about the same size as the nuts and stir them into the mix along with the coconut flakes.
  3. Pour the coconut oil mixture over the nuts/seeds and stir well until evenly mixed. Add the coconut flour and salt and mix again.
  4. Line a baking dish with baking paper and pour half of the mixture in and spread out as evenly as possible. Bake this for 30 minutes, removing once halfway to toss the nuts a bit so they do not burn on top.
  5. Remove from the oven and place into a heat-proof dish, then do the same to cook the rest of the mixture.
  6. It is a good idea to leave the granola out for at least 1 hour before storing in a container to be sure it is properly dried out so it will not soften in the cupboard. This should keep for at least a month in your cupboard in an airtight container.
  • You can turn this granola into a real treat by adding some sliced banana on top or berry coulis which you can make by heating frozen raspberries with a little natural sugar OR HONEY.
Grain free granola with milk.

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