How to Make Homemade Activated Almond Milk – Recipe

I’ve been making my own almond milk lately and I am so amazed at how much healthier I feel since swapping this with the UHT stuff. I’ve always wondered if long-life milk is as healthy as it claims on the box given that it is heated to such a high temperature that none of the vitamins claimed to be in it would surely survive. Not to mention how toxic some of the sweeteners used in many of them are. The other day I looked up one of the ingredients in my dad’s coconut milk on Wikipedia to find out that it was made from a harmful bacteria that causes a fungal disease called black rot on broccoli and cauliflower! I was already keen to get my hands on some pure nut milk since pretty much everything they sell at the supermarket actually contains more rice than it does almonds, and so I was dead set on the idea now.

I found it was actually a lot easier than I was imagining, all you really need to do is soak some raw almonds overnight, blend them for 1 minute with water and then strain out the fiber with a cheesecloth. The fresh almond milk not only tastes twice as delicious as the processed stuff but I felt so nourished from drinking it that when I ran out I felt noticeably lower on energy after going back to UHT.

The cost is about the same and so if you can set aside 10 minutes each week to prepare your nut milk then you absolutely will love that you started doing this too I bet.


1 cup of raw almonds

4 cups of filtered or spring water

*You will need a food processor to make this + a cheese-making cloth or just a linen or cotton scarf with small holes in it (see picture below of mine). Some stores actually sell special nut milk cloths/bags too.

Nut milk cloth

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  1. Rinse your almonds and then soak them in a jar or bowl of water overnight. I leave mine in the fridge but I don’t think it matters too much if you don’t.
  2. Pour out the water and put the almonds into a food processor and add the 4 cups of filtered water.
  3. Blend for 1 minute.
  4. Place your cloth over a container or jar and carefully pour the milk in about 1 cup at a time, straining out all the juice by squeezing the cloth with your hands and discarding the fiber before pouring more each time.
  5. Store this in the fridge for up to 1 week.
Almond milk in food processor

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