Herbal Therapy (Alternative Medicine)

What Is Herbal Therapy?

Herbal Therapy is simply using herbal medicines made from plants for health and healing. Herbal Therapy is now commonly known as Alternative Medicine. Plants contain a wide variety of components that are beneficial for health and in fact, many modern drugs actually contain compounds that were originally derived from plants.

Herbal medicine can be taken in many forms including herbal tea, and tinctures – which are a concentrated liquid extract and also capsule form. Some herbs can also be used medicinally by simply using fresh herbs as food. Essential oils, creams, and compresses are also beneficial for external use.

Herbal medicine

Why Chose Herbal Therapy?

There are herbal medicines available for most health conditions and they can be taken on their own as a treatment on in conjunction with other conventional or alternative care. Many herbal medicines have much less harsh or even no side effects at all compared with prescription drugs which makes them much better for you if your condition requires long-term treatment. Herbal therapy is highly effective for detoxing the entire body as well as treating chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cognitive issues. It is also helpful for more minor problems like common colds and viruses. Essential oils are also sometimes highly effective at treating skin conditions, plus they smell amazing!

Another huge benefit of Herbal Therapy is the price tag, herbal medicines are very inexpensive usually compared with prescription medications which can allow you the freedom to try out different things to find what works best.

Note: Please be aware that herbal medicine can interact with certain medications so if you are taking anything else at all then you should consult with a doctor before trying herbal therapies.

Qualified Medical herbalists and Naturopaths can advise you on what herbal treatments might be suitable and safe for you. You can also find plenty of information online just please only purchase medicine from a reliable source and always follow the safe usage and dosage guidelines.

Who Uses Herbal Therapy?

Despite the fact herbal medicine is not often suggested by doctors, around one-third of the general population in Western countries report using herbal medicine and supplements and it is even more popular in other parts of the world including India, Africa, and Asia. I think that the fact so many people are still using herbal medicines today shows people have a need for independence in managing their health problems. It is great so many people are taking the initiative to enhance their own well-being and longevity but I think the medicine deserves more acknowledgment.

Where To Find A Practitioner

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