5 Flower Essences To Help You Kick Addiction Naturally

Addiction can destroy lives – whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. it can ruin relationships and even end in homelessness or death.

Flower essences are a type of herbal tincture that are used in holistic medicine to treat the psychological aspects of addiction by balancing emotions.

For each of the following tinctures, it is recommended to take four drops in a glass of juice or water four times a day for a few months or until your addiction is resolved.

1) Rescue Remedy – For Detoxing

Recue Remedy in bottle

Also known as the five flower formula, the Rescue remedy is commonly used for natural relief from stress. It can also help a person get through difficult times during drug or alcohol addictions.

During an initial detox, you can take the four drops once every hour to calm your nerves but then you must reduce that to four times a day after the toxins are all out of your system.

Rescue Remedy is available from most pharmacies and supermarkets or health care stores.

2) Blak-Eyed Susan – For Addicts in Denial

Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence in bottle

This flower essence is recommended for addicts who don’t admit that their addiction is a problem. It is also prescribed to treat symptoms of the common cold as well as for parasite cleansing.

3) California Wild Rose – For Stronger Motivation in Life

California Wild Rose Flower Essence

Many addicts often lack the motivation to do what it takes to sort their lives out. This essence will help to give you a new sense of commitment to live life.

4) Morning Glory – For Coffee Addiction

Morning Glory Flower Essence

This flower essence can help you to overcome unbalanced circadian rhythms that can lead to staying up too late at night and feeling sluggish first thing in the morning. Getting yourself back into a healthy sleeping routine will therefore help you to kick your caffeine addiction without feeling as tired however you will still lack energy during the withdrawal period.

Nicotiana – For Quitting Smoking

Nicotiana Flower Essence

Quitting nicotine can leave you extremely tired, tense and just feeling negative in general. This flower essence can help you to face your true emotions and accept your own energy. which often helps to avoid feeling the need to light up.


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